Sunday, January 8, 2012

New & On Sale - Wish Upon A Star

Dreamland, that place we sail to in our sleep. The place of ethereal dancers, floating in the clouds and slumberous sheep. Come hang stars and reach for the moon. This kit embodies all of those ideas. It came to me one day and I couldn't stop working on it till it was finished. This was truly on of those dream kits that came together in 2 weeks instead of the usual 6 months+. I love that this kit has so much potential and diversity. I personally scrapped 6 pages with it in just a few hours and they are all so different from each other!!! I have plans for another few pages too. I love all of my kits but this one seriously is probably one of my all time favorites. I hope you will take a minute and check it out HERE

My CT really went to town with this one. My girls really rocked it!

Birds and The Bees

Eek, I am 2 weeks late with this post. Life has been a bit crazy at home and well, time just flies. I have this quirk that the day after Christmas, I want it all gone. Decorations, tree, etc. They all have to go. I want the house clean and fresh you can sort of see where this kit came especially this time of year. Just had to indulge myself in something fresh, floral and pretty. This kit is jam packed with birds of all sorts. From vintage to real to illustrated, they are all there. To compliment them there are an assortment of bees, flowers and other goodies...including a mischievous feline. You can find Birds and The Bees here.

Here is some inspiration from my girls.