Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Sale

Monday, November 16, 2009

New & On Sale - POP CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the festivities, the traditions. Decorating is also a major part of it. I grew up in a house that my mom decorated every inch of. It's always been a special time to me and I love sharing all those moments with my son now. Christmas is even more magical through the eyes of a child. I hope you find inspiration in this kit to scrap your magical holiday moments.

Check out what my amazing CT did with it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween At Our House

Halloween at our house was over the top this year. It was like Disneyland meets Universal Studios. Nick is amazing and created a show for our visitors. Nothing was just bought and plopped down. Everything was customized. He made the skeletons talk and sing. He took regular pumpkins and made them sing. He built Michael Meyers, Jason and the Swat Zombie. I faux finished everything for a more realistic look. Nothing was left untouched. But, I have to admit we raided our studio of all the foliage and alot of the props, so we really spent very little money to achieve all of this. Even my son got into the spirit and helped to decorate. He was incharge of all the rats, snakes and critters that were tucked into all the nooks and crannies. It really was a blast to create and even more fun to watch our visitors faces.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DSD Sale

It's that time of year. DSD is upon us. I am looking forward to the sales, challenges and chats. I am hoping to clean up my wishlists a bit around digiland. Hope you have some fun and maybe even get some scrapping done. I know I am going to try to!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oscraps DSD Blog Hop

Welcome to the Oscraps DSD Blog Hop! This week we are celebrating digital scrapbooking!! I will be having a big sale starting this Wednesday. If you have not signed up for my newsletter yet, be sure to do so before Tuesday night as there will be addtional savings for my subscribers.

Your word here at my BLOG is "needs:" Collect all the words to form a quote, email the complete quote to bloghop@oscraps.com to be entered into a drawing for the grand prize!!

As a thank you gift for stopping by my blog, I have a freebie for you....Flower Bouquet Alpha. Hope you like it! Look for the download link at the bottom of its page.

Thanks for hopping around our O-Team Blogs. Your next stop is here at Kaytebug's Blog.

To go to the start of the Blog hop, go HERE!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Want To See Something Neat?

I think this is very clever!! Click HERE.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Can you believe the holidays are already rolling in? Where did this year go? It seriously flashed by for me. But I guess that is ok, I love the holidays. I love being with my family, sharing our traditions and seeing everything fresh through Jason's eyes. Nothing like the excitement of a 6 year old to keep you on your toes. One of the things that is synonymous with the holidays in our household is food! There are definite things that need to be on the table. My mom is a wicked cook and we have always cooked Thanksgiving together since I was little. Jason has now joined us and we have such a great time. I created this kit to help document all of your food traditions, recipes and cravings. The kit is huge and is packed with all sorts of food and loads of kitchen items. Its on sale until tommorow only, Oct 22. Happy Scrapping!

And here is some fabulous inspiration from my CT.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was invited by Digital Artist Magazine to be a featured designer and create an exclusive kit for them. I love the magazine and eagerly jumped at the chance. I am always trying to think of ways to create kits to show off multiple photos or my son's art work. Fridge Art was my first kit that addressed that and now, On Display. This is a full kit with 7 papers and 33 unique elements. I have included a shadowed version as well. There are so many possibilities with this kit plus it's just super fun to play with! So be sure to pick your issue up this month. It also features darling kits by Kaye Winiecki and Nikki Beaudreau.
And as always, my wonderful CT rocked it hard!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am so in love!

I saw this and feel instantly in love!! If I had the space, I would do it in a heartbeat! Designer Isabel Quiroga wanted to use some old pieces of furniture to create something new, original and unique …and she created this bookcase made of used tables. The tables are small cut and stacked. This is a great example of reuse old pieces of furniture to create something cool. The design is suitable for various purposes, including the establishment of a store. This design is called Storyteller, because Isabel is fascinated by the history of this furniture.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New and On Sale - ALL HALLOWS EVE

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up and becoming someone else. I love the decorations and how it's become a family event for us to create a haunted house in the atrium of our house. It's one holiday that Nick really gets into and becomes a kid himself. I love the imagery of Halloween too....the black cats, pumpkins and spooky things. I actually have a large black cat collection that I love to bring out for Halloween. Nick and I are already planning the additions we are going to make to our display this year. It really got me into the mood to create this kit. My mojo was off the charts for this one and I hope you find as much to inspire you as I did. There really is something in it for everyone and hopefully you will find yourself scrapping page after page with it. I seriously had so many ideas that I knocked out 5 pages in 2 days!! It's on sale until Thursday only. You can grab All Hallows Eve HERE.

And check out my amazing CT, who knock it out of the, um..graveyard, yet again!!!.

I also want to give a BIG shout out to Liz of Paislee Press. Her Oct. 31st wordart is the perfect compliment to my kit. Be sure to check it out when you head over to the O. She just always rocks it!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New & On Sale - ON THE ROAD

I am happy to bring you my newest kit, ON THE ROAD. This kit was created per the request of my CT member, Sue Issacson. So, thank you Sue for the inspiration. When I started assembling things for the kit, I had a traditional travel kit in mind. But then, I started exploring the idea that it could be used for more things than just travel...like a personal journey, ideas of exploration or future destinations. The roads can be used to symbolize many ideas. The signage to document places, discoveries or ideals. I hope that everyone can find ways to use this kit for lots of different concepts. I know I did and look what my CT dreamed up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SAW Event Mini Movie Teaser

Here is the 30 second trailer teaser for the mini movie Nick created for the SAW event. We had a blast working on it. I am so proud of how it came out. Can't wait to premiere the actual movie short. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I swear I am a neat person. Well, I was before I had a household with 2 dogs, 1 six year old and a Nick. I just never seem to quite catch up. There are never enough hours in the day it seems. I am learning to resign myself with the fact that my house will never be perfect again. My desk is one of those areas that things just accumulate. Nick and Jason's junk end up here too. Why? I have no idea. But on any given day there is an odd assortment of items. But there are the standard things too. A couple Cheerios...yep. Hairclips...yep! An assort of drinks...yep. It all just never seems to go away.

Anyhow, this space where I spend my days and many a nights, gave me inspiration for my latest kit. It's an aerial view which I though would be a fun perspective to play with. It's a great way to show off loads of photos, kids art, as well as just a snap shot of your day. You can find DESK MESS! on sale until Friday

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello Everyone! I am excited to present my newest kit to you, Junkyard. This kit was inspired by a friend of mine. It's filled with all kinds of unique and cool digi-junk! This is definitely a stash building kit. Be sure to head over to Oscraps to see the addtional previews as this is one jam packed kit! It's on sale until Friday, August 14.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So....in case you were wondering what I have been up to (I know you haven't but I am gonna tell ya anyways:), Nick has been tapped to create the promotional trail for the SAW VI event in Las Vegas. FrightDome, located at Circus Circus, is ranked one of the top Haunted Houses in the country. Its a mega event and this year they have the SAW movie rights and are going all out recreating the movie into a live experience. Nick is filming a trailer to promote the event. It's going to be a mini movie that's going to be kick ass!

Here is a little teaser he created.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have you seen this site?

Have you visited 1 Design Per Day? It's one of my favorite websites. They feature clever, innovative designs in product, furniture, car and advertisment. I really enjoy this site. Hope you do too!Check out these outlet plates. The antlers hold your cellphone while it charges.
This ad makes you think while you drink.
How fantastic is this bed?!?!?
I want a 2-story house just so I can have this built in it!
More clever ads.

I love this! I think I need it. It will make my guests giggle.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Monday, July 13, 2009

New & On Sale - QUEEN BEE

I am happy to announce I finally have a new kit in the store...Queen Bee, the Queen of Everything. And boy, does this kit have a bit of everything in it. It's a really mish mash of goodies. I, personally, love kits that have all kinds of unique bits and pieces that I can mix and match. Hope you like it! It's on sale until Friday, July 17th only.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Culinary Adventures with a 6 Year Old

So this morning, I decided to take Jason on a culinary adventure. I always let Jason have whatever he wants for breakfast on Sundays. Doritos and ice cream... so be it. Today, he wanted a cupcake. I didn't exactly have any on hand and as L.A. is filled with cupcake boutiques, I figured it was time to give one a try. I read a bunch of reviews. Leda's was my first choice but it turns out they are closed for remodeling. Next choice, Big Sugar Bakeshop. It is located on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. It's a fun shopping area lined with nifty boutiques. Big Sugar is a charming shop. It totally reminds me of a bakery in New York. It's filled with retro, fun furniture and cool gifts. The bakery selection is not huge but I rather have a limited selection of super fresh goodies. Jason picked out a chocolate chocolate cupcake and I picked the daily special, an icebox cupcake. We sat down in the window to savor our goodies. Jason thought his selection was super yummy...not too sweet, dense, rich and moist. My icebox cupcake was served cold and was like the world's best Hostess Cupcake. Dark, dense chocolate cake filled with vanilla creme, topped with ganache. Holy cows!!! Tastebud nirvana! I really wish I had never walked into the shop. I have a feeling that these cupcakes will be calling my name on a regular basis. I want to taste all of them now.

Next stop was the Studio City Farmers Market. It's small and just the perfect size. Jason had a blast tasting all the fresh fruit. Peaches and plums were his favorite. There was one vendor that had heirloom tomatoes that were gorgeous. I had to get some of those for a salad tonight. The colors and shapes are so fantastic.

After the Market, we were walking back to the car and passed a restaurant called, The Counter. Jason said he was starving (hard to believe) and could we stop and have lunch. Good call, Jason! The Counter is a gourmet burger joint. They hand you a clipboard with all your choices and you build your own burger. I had a 1/3lb. burger with mixed lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, crispy onions, imported swiss cheese, pickles and sprouts. It was huge! Everything was fresh and delicious. The guy next to us had a 1lb. burger and lord, it was a monster. J and I shared a Fifty-Fifty order of french fries and sweet potato fries. So good! Jason said that he thought the meat tasted as good as what his grandfather makes and that is a huge compliment, as he is a grill master. We left stuffed and oh so happy. The waitstaff was super friendly and the service great. They have a bunch of locations so check and see if there is one near you. I know we will be back.

We had such a good time today that I think I may have to make this a regular adventure...well not too regular or I am going to have to buy some elastic waist pants :D