Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Woo Hoo!!! I have been published again!

I am so excited to announce that I have been published again!!! I am so honored to be featured in the newest Somerset Digital Studio - Autumn 2012 issue. They have showcased my Creative Muse Tarot Card Series and two of my most favorite layouts. The Creative Muse Tarot Cards were part of a challenge I hosted at DeviantScrap. You can read more about the hows and whys in the magazine and if you would like to see more samples from me and the other participants you can go HERE. It was a super fun challenge and really stretched my artistic wings. If you are interested in giving it a whirl, you can find the info listed in our past challenges section at DeviantScrap. One of my most favorite things about this issue is how many of my talented digi friends are in it too. I am so excited for them. This issue is a party I tell ya! 

Thank you! Thank you, Jana Holstein! You are my muse and I am ever so grateful to you. 

Now, get out there and pick up your copy!! It hits the stands September 1.

New & On Sale - GONE JUNKIN

There is nothing I love more than going junking. I love sussing out bits and bobs in thrift stores. Mornings spent at flea markets scouring for lost bits of history. Even hitting garage sales scooping up someone else's trash and turning it into treasure. It's the crow in me...it call calls to me. One of the great things is that it is usually a family event. Nick and Jason both enjoy doing it as much as I do. I love seeing their creative wheels turn as they try to figure out what to do with some cool find. Some times I am grateful that we only have a single garage to store all of our junk and other times, I wish we had a big old barn so we could collect to our hearts content. But in the end, it really doesn't matter...just spending time together junkin is half the fun.

Gone Junkin and the printable collage sheet ATC version are both on sale for a few days only. 

And check out what my CT did! 



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midnight Reverie - A New Collective Collab

What happens when The Deviant Designers find some magical inspiration? Characters come to life. Tents pop suddenly pop up in once empty fields. And The Midnight Reverie opens to delight, charm and inspire all who enter its gates.

I am beyond excited to announce the latest and greatest collaborative efforts of the DeviantScrap Designers.....Midnight Reverie, Collective Collab. 

Inspired by a famous book, our imaginations took flight and a circus was born. This magical delight is sure to inspire and delight your Muse. So grab a ticket and enter the gates of the Midnight Reverie. 

And here is some magic from my CT. 

Midnight Reverie @ DeviantScrap

Are You Ready For A iIttle Magic?

Coming to DeviantScrap August 2, 2012.