Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting News!!!!

Look who is on the cover of Somerset Digital Studio!!!! Yep, that's us! The designers of DeviantScrap were beyond thrilled to be asked to create an exclusive kit for Somerset. Somerset is an AMAZING series of magazines catering to artists. I have been reading Somerset for years and every issue, whether it be Somerset Studio, Somerset Digital or any one of their other fantastic titles, is always filled with so much eye candy and inspiration!! They are the only art magazines I read. We had the honor to create a no-holds bar kit just for them. Color Splash is artsy, colorful and flat out fun. It can be used for scrapping, altered art, journaling, mixed media and more. This is one versatile kit...not to mention jam packed. Now, ready for the best part...this kit is FREE!!!! Yep, free! Simply pick up this magazine and read our article....there you will find the details. What you don't get Somerset in your country?!?!? Ack. Well, I would still check them out HERE (hint, hint.) And a big shout out to Joann, for having her layout with Color Splash make the cover!! It's the top one! Woot.

New & On Sale - Auntie Em & Steampunk Animals

I have 2 new kits for you today!! Both are on sale until Wednesday, March 2.

First up is Auntie Em. This kit is sort of a play on the Wizard of Oz. I like to imagine that after Dorothy came home that life got much better for Auntie Em. Her life went from drape and dreary to rich, warm and lovely. The Gales farm flourished, they traveled and attended fantastic was good to them.

Here are some amazing samples from my CT stars.

Next up is Steampunk Animals. I love Steampunk its such a wild and wonderful journey into the imagination. This assortment of critters are just the perfect addtion to help bring your worlds to life. If you are not familiar with it, be sure to check out the March issue of The Deviant Muse. 

And here is some more yummy inspiration for you for my CT!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New - Stenciled & Sprayed

Currently, I am totally obsessed with the look for spray painted art journals. Problem is I don’t want to get out the spray paints, cut out stencils and get messy. I am a digi gal. So what’s a girl to do? Well….design some spray painted stencil effects. Layer them up, mix and match, play with your blend modes. There are a zillion uses for these goodies. Clip them to bits of paper or fabric. Funk up elements in your stash.  I promise once you use these, you will be addicted.

Here is some inspiration for you.

Queen of Cakes - New Collab Kit with Tangie Baxter

I had the extreme honor of being asked to do a collab kit with the divine Tangie Baxter. I have always been a huge fan of Tangie's work and jumped at the chance to create with her. She picked the theme of Marie Antoinette and I love the idea. I don't usually do girly kits, so this was a really fun experience. I adore how the kit turned out. Its a really neat mix of realistic, artsy and funky. You can really get lots of different looks out of it.

Here are some yummy examples from our CTs.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ready to Art Journal?

For me, this is the year of art journaling. I have spent years documenting Jason's childhood, but sometimes I need an outlet for other things in life. I want to be able to explore other subjects. Some silly. Some serious. But whatever it is I want to be able to get it out. Art journaling also gives me the opportunity to try out other styles. I am really enjoying the process and the new spurt of creativity it has brought me. My only rule on this new adventure is...No Rules! I am not going to worry about having a cohesive journal at the end. It's going to be pure experimentation and play. I am going to get out my digi scissors and paint and go to town. As you can see, my last few kits and element packs are a reflection of that. I want to create digi versions of some of the IRL stuff you would use in a journal.

And as always, here is some amazing inspiration from my CT for you.

The Deviant Muse has arrived!

How is it possible that two months have gone by and I haven't blogged!?!?! Time is flying this year already. There is so much good stuff happening at DS. Our resident deviant darlings: Edeena, Patty Anne, Rachel and Evelyn decided that DS needed a proper monthly newsletter/zine. Something to show off all the crazy goodness in the shop and in digiland. This special monthly newsletter will be going out on the first of each month. It's free and it filled with interviews, tutorials, ideas and loads of eye candy. To download these issues, simply click on the above images. If you don't want to miss another issue, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.