Friday, September 28, 2012

More Brains!!!!! New and On Sale.

More Brains.....they growl. The living dead have returned and are ready to create mayhem in your art and on your pages. We are total zombie geeks at our house. We love "The Walking Dead" and are huge fans of George Romero. We like to listen to movie commentary when we go to sleep and George is one of our favorites. We joke that it's Uncle George telling us bedtime stories. 

Nick also makes zombie videos for Haunted Houses and the like. We recently had Gage Munster, from the show FaceOff, do the makeup on the latest set of videos. Super talented and sweet guy. Even the kiddo, in our house, loves zombies. He likes to pretend he is a slayer but once the Halloween props start coming out and the graveyard gets setup, he goes into full zombie mode. It's quite funny. 

So in honor of Halloween and ghoulish delights, I present to you my latest kit, More Brains!!!! This kit has tons of papers to set your scene...both day and night. There are zombie accessories like eyeballs and brains. There are the "good guys," a sheriff, soldier and containment man. And then, there are loads of wounds and other disgusting bits to create your own I did here. 

Don't I look pretty? 

Here is what my CT did with the kit. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New - Bird Boxes

I am pleased to present my newest kit to you, Bird Boxes.  This kit was inspired by my all time favorite artist, Joseph Cornell. His work has enthralled me since the first moment I laid eyes on it. When I saw an exhibition of his boxes in New York, it cemented my love affair with him. I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to move into the room and live there. 

If you are not familiar with Cornell's work, there are numerous sites and books on his art. WebMuseum, Paris has a wonderful quick overview of his boxes and also has a lot of great info. Be sure to "Launch Site" for a fun, interactive look into his work. There is also a great fan site called, It's interactive and they have a gallery you can submit to.

Check out how my team used the really is versatile!