Monday, January 25, 2010

New & On Sale - LOVE & WAR

I present to you my newest kit, Love and War. I actually created this kit for myself. I was finally ready to scrap my divorce and didn't have anything in my stash to do so. I wanted, no needed, to do this for myself. I had to get my feelings out so I could close the door on that chapter of my life for good. I wish life was only kittens and rainbows, but it's not. My divorce caused me huge pain and I have really had to work through my issues. I am so grateful that I met Nick and that we have a wonderful life together now. I felt a huge release creating these pages. I am not a wordsmith but I can express myself visually and feel great satisfaction in the images I created. My wish is that others can use this kit to help explore some of these hard moments life throws at us.

I am truly grateful to my CT for the raw, emotion packed layouts they created with this kit.


Maria January 26, 2010 at 6:56 AM  

Hollie, you are a star!

Hollyz World February 9, 2010 at 3:33 PM  

Would you consider giving me a lesson or tutorial on how you cut your son's images so well? Are you using CS4? I'm working on making birthday invites with your Candy Shoppe for my nieces Sweet 16, and could use a little guidance. Any ideas where you could direct me for some help?!?
LOVE the new fairie collection! Going to have to check it out more in depth...
The other Holly

orachel February 27, 2010 at 11:44 PM  

Yeesh. I've just found your products for the first time (followed a listing for your fairy kit from digiscraptalk) and was browsing around oscraps, then came jaunting over to your blog, and Kablam! This kit "love & war" just blew me away. My divorce was finalized about a month ago, and you managed to jam pack just about every emotion I've had about it into this kit. And btw, your CT is flippin' amazing! Browsing your blog is like hanging out at deviantart! Gorgeous. I'm literally a few days into trying to teach myself dig photo manipulation. Working on first layout now. So hopefully, my manip skills will be vastly improved within a few mos when I'll be feeling less 'tender' on the whole divorce front and maybe able to create something with it. For now I can only afford one kit, so I'm thinkin' I'll go with something light like the fairies. Kaboodle will hold onto the love and war for me until I can swing it financially AND emotionally. But've got me thinking about it in a much more creative constructive light, and that's always a huge blessing.

You are just a lovely artist, and I'm thrilled to have discovered your work. I've grabbed a few photo manip tuts at DA, but if you or your CT have any suggestions as to where to go to learn, I'd be most appreciative.

And congrats on finding someone worthy in your life. I'm sooo not there yet, but you give me hope, girl! lol

Best to you and yours...and I can't wait to play with your lil fey bits n bobs!