Monday, March 14, 2011

Kitsch is here!

I have had an idea for this kit for a while. The design folder has been on my hard drive for at least a year. I have slowly been adding things to it as I find them or shoot them. The kit became a bit of a mash between the 60's and 70's with a little 50's thrown in. I have such fond memories of my childhood. Things were a lot simpler and more free. As kids we ran around, parents didn't worry and life as fun. I have vivid memories of piling into the car, stopping at our favorite donut shop (this was a treat!!) and then hitting the road. We loved to go camping and went often. Or going back East to visit my cousins. We were like a pack of puppies hanging out the back window of the station wagon, as we went on some new adventure. I am smiling to myself just thinking about those times. Happy memories for sure! Anyhow, now you know how this kit came about. Hope it brings back happy thoughts for you too!

Here is some awesome inspiration for my CT stars!