Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Collab Kit - Ode To A Muse 2

I am so thrilled to debut my new collab kit created with the wickedly talented Evelyn of Finecrafted Designs. Evelyn and I have both been fans of assemblage artist Michael deMeng's work forever. I have even had the pleasure of taking 2 classes with him. He is always inspirational and a total doll. His work is dark and a bit gritty. I find his pieces just enthralling. With his blessing, Evelyn and I set out to create a kit as a homage to him. We started tossing the idea back and forth a few months ago and suddenly we couldn't wait to start working on it! I went straight to the junkyard, gathering up neat bits and pieces. Evelyn opened her closet and got the skeletons out. Within a few weeks, we had this kit wrapped up. It came together so easily. We were so excited. The hardest part was sitting on it for 2 months for it's release today. I hope you find it as much fun to create with as we do! 

Our CTs went all out creating inspiration for you too!