Monday, February 28, 2011

New & On Sale - Auntie Em & Steampunk Animals

I have 2 new kits for you today!! Both are on sale until Wednesday, March 2.

First up is Auntie Em. This kit is sort of a play on the Wizard of Oz. I like to imagine that after Dorothy came home that life got much better for Auntie Em. Her life went from drape and dreary to rich, warm and lovely. The Gales farm flourished, they traveled and attended fantastic was good to them.

Here are some amazing samples from my CT stars.

Next up is Steampunk Animals. I love Steampunk its such a wild and wonderful journey into the imagination. This assortment of critters are just the perfect addtion to help bring your worlds to life. If you are not familiar with it, be sure to check out the March issue of The Deviant Muse. 

And here is some more yummy inspiration for you for my CT!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!