Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ready to Art Journal?

For me, this is the year of art journaling. I have spent years documenting Jason's childhood, but sometimes I need an outlet for other things in life. I want to be able to explore other subjects. Some silly. Some serious. But whatever it is I want to be able to get it out. Art journaling also gives me the opportunity to try out other styles. I am really enjoying the process and the new spurt of creativity it has brought me. My only rule on this new adventure is...No Rules! I am not going to worry about having a cohesive journal at the end. It's going to be pure experimentation and play. I am going to get out my digi scissors and paint and go to town. As you can see, my last few kits and element packs are a reflection of that. I want to create digi versions of some of the IRL stuff you would use in a journal.

And as always, here is some amazing inspiration from my CT for you.