Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Halloween Haunt


Hey Everyone. So y'all know we are nuts for Halloween around here. We go all out...crazy all out. We spend months building and creating new additions to our home haunt. We do a huge cemetery on our front lawn and do a pirate show in our atrium. We added a bunch of new stuff to the pirate show this year and only a few things to the the dancing bride and groom who waltz and our new zombie, Edna, who is trying to get out of her grave (sorry no vid on them.) We sort of over shot our abilities to get it all set up this year. Nick and I do this without any help and nearly killed ourselves. We are pledging to make 2012 a bit easier on ourselves. That said, its awesome to see all of the kids faces, parents too, as they watch the show and cheer.